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Paddy, Catherine & Cecilia

Robyn, Paul & lovely little Emma

Robyn, Paul & lovely little Emma



#congratulations Catherine & Patrick!!!! Cecilia arrived at 37 weeks with a powerful Hypnobirthing story!!! From #braxtonhicks to full blown #surges and a swift drive up the M1!!!! 

Their story is crazy quick, dad driving included!!!

From Monday 4th December, at 37 weeks, I began having much stronger BH than I had felt before but a bit of googling & timing made me put this down to baby’s head being engaged. I had a bath & used my hypnobirthing tracks before bed.

The BH continued Tuesday but this was also my last week at work & the pain wasn’t unbearable so I went into work as normal!!

However, Wednesday morning around 4am I was woken up by the contractions so began to think this could be a little more so let my boss know I probably wouldn’t be in!

I also noticed what I thought was ‘the show’.

At this point contractions were around 10 mins appart & I could breathe through them using the hypnobirthing tools I had learned with Bailey

My husband phoned the hospital who suggested... you guessed it a bath & 2 paracetamol!

From getting out of the bath my contractions pretty quickly went to about 3 mins apart at which point we realised we better call hospital again.

They suggested we come in to get checked!

Getting to the hospital was probably the hardest bit as labouring on all 4s in the back of the car whilst my poor husband navigated 7am M1....well done Patrick!!!

At this point my contractions were intense enough to take my breath away & I had a few moments of panic that I was going to be told I was only 1cm dilated!

Thankfully my husband was able to remind me of my hypnobirthing tools & get me back in the right head space!!

At the assessment unit I was so shocked & relieved to be told I was 9.5cm dilated! I don’t think the midwife could believe it either as we had a few ask us if this was 2nd baby & how I had managed that at home & how calm we seemed.

We were taken straight through to the birthing centre where our midwife ran the pool for us, hooked up gas&air then read our preferences.

Our midwife was so supportive & ensured we were able to have the birth we wanted as much as possible!!

The instant relief of being in water, something I have found through my whole pregnancy a great help, was amazing!

After about 2 hours of quite intense pressure & contractions my waters went in the pool. From this point the urge to push really took over my body at every contraction & it was a case of having the patience that my body was doing the work for me. I found the most frustrating thing was feeling like my contractions were ending & “running out” of that power! However, with my midwifes advice I understood every single contraction was moving us that little bit closer to our beautiful baby. The gas&air really helped in me focusing on every breath I took too.

After the (horrific!!) sting of crowning baby’s head it was just 2 more pushes until she was fully delivered & in my arms. During the crowning I definitely had a panic moment but my husbands reassurance of how far I’d come & how my body was made for this brought me back to the zone!

My daughters birth is truly a positive story & after hearing so many negative birth tales I will look to share it as much as I can!

Although we didn’t have everything in our birth preferences go to plan the key things of early labour at home, remaining in control, a calm birth environment & a positive empowering experience were exactly what I wished for.

The hypnobirthing was such a useful relaxation technique during pregnancy & I honestly believe I would not have had the same birth experience without it. I’m sure the techniques I’ve learnt here will continue to be useful through any testing parenthood times too!

Thank you so much Bailey!!

Robyn, Paul & lovely little Emma

Robyn, Paul & lovely little Emma

Robyn, Paul & lovely little Emma

Hypnobirthing water birth in a birth centre.
Second baby.

I was lucky enough to win a one on one hypnobirthing course with Bailey through a raffle I entered. I was over the the moon as with my last pregnancy I read a hypnobirthing book and this time it was something I wanted to explore further and bring to life via a course. Despite best intentions, my birth with my first born (Jacob) was not the calm water birth in the midwife led unit that I'd envisaged, (I nearly gave birth in the assessment ward!), So I was really keen this time to learn breathing techniques and other strategies that I could use regardless of where I gave birth. I can honestly say that anyone thinking of booking should not hesitate. I truly believe it made my birth experience incredible..!

Bailey came to me in the comfort of my own home and we chatted about my previous labour and birth and any reservations I may have had. As my first labour was quick, I was really keen to learn the breathing techniques and also to understand exactly what my body would be doing in labour as this would help me to understand the powerful surges I would likely experience again (because the labour was quick there was no build up or time to adjust).

I was 38+5 days and we made the most of the lovely weather and went for a walk to the park. Walking back home, I felt a small burst of waters - this was around 1.30pm. Over the next 15 minutes I had a few more, so I rang the birth centre to let them know I needed to come in. My surges started at around 2pm and within 15 minutes they were 3 or 4 in 10 minutes and lasting over 30 seconds. The breathing techniques that Bailey taught me were invaluable, we got to the birth centre at around 2.30, my husband and I sat down with a cuppa and I was coping fine. I put on some calming, familiar music and just enjoyed the moment! At around 3.30 the surges were very intense but I was able to handle them with a mixture of steady breathing and walking around. At this point I asked the midwife to fill the pool, which she did, and left us to it.

At 3.55 something changed and I knew that baby was coming. I asked my husband to grab the midwife and in the 2 minutes it took for her to arrive I was pretty much pushing. The pool wasnt full but the midwife knew how much I wanted a water birth so she deemed it safe enough to use as long as I stayed low. In I got and I reached that moment of transition, which in my case was "I can't push because I'm going to poo"! Once the midwife and my husband made me realise that a) pooing in labour is totally acceptable and b) in actual fact it wasn't a poo, it was baby's head, I was ready to go! I used the down breathing to calmly deliver the head at 4.07, and the rest of her followed at 4.09. What an incredible moment to catch my baby! Unfortunately the umbilical cord snapped so I wasn't able to have the delayed clamping and immediate skin to skin I'd hoped for - but it didn't matter, she was here! My husband had immediate skin to skin with baby Emma which was an incredible moment to see that I'll treasure forever.

All in all, both of my labours were very similar yet completely different and I truly believe that is due to hypnobirthing. Being able to understand the incredible things my body was doing to safely bring my daughter into the world meant that at no point did I experience pain, just power! Thank you Bailey, sadly no more babies for us but I will continue to rave about you to any of my expectant friends.

Rebecca, Matt & Ray

Robyn, Paul & lovely little Emma

Natasha, Cedric & Adeline

hypnobirthing and pregnancy course yorkshire

 My pregnancy was filled with anxiety after a three previous pregnancy losses. I couldn’t get my head around the idea of giving birth again, and wanted to opt for an elective C-section. Bailey helped me to believe that I could trust my body and trust my baby. I had a fantastic and drug-free birth and am so thankful for Bailey’s pregnancy care, help and support. It helps so much that Bailey is a qualified midwife so she has a full understanding of birth and babies. She is passionate about empowering women and that came through in all of our conversations! 

Natasha, Cedric & Adeline

Natasha, Cedric & Adeline

Natasha, Cedric & Adeline

Hypnobirthing review for Bambinobirth #birthlikeaboss

 I could write a whole book about my experience, Bailey has been supportive, during my pregnancy & taught me to get over my fear of giving birth. I had such an awesome labour and birth, doing the hypnobirthing classes taught me to listen to my body and to remain calm and relaxed. By doing this I was able to give birth naturally, no paracetamol, no gas and air no pain med’s. My body gave me the pain relief I needed. I didn’t tear either, this was my first birth, and I have to praise the hypnobirthing team for teaching me the tools to #birthlikeaboss. I would highly recommend their courses, Bailey was there for each step of the way and was readily available to answer my questions, she came to visit me after baby was born. I would definitely go back for my second birth. 

Jill, Aaron & Ivy

Natasha, Cedric & Adeline

Rosie's Rosy Birth

hypnobirthing and pregnancy course yorkshire

 Here is Jill's review of Bambinobirth Pregnancy Care!

Bailey at Bambino Births is an absolute goddess! She supported me throughout my pregnancy, reassured me when I was worried or scared and no question was too stupid or too intimate. Even after the birth she's been such a support!!

I honestly don't know what I would have done without her!! I cannot recommend Bailey enough! x

Rosie's Rosy Birth

Natasha, Cedric & Adeline

Rosie's Rosy Birth

Hypnobirthing and antenatal classes

My partner and I attended a bambinobirth class a few months before our little one was due. We both found it really helpful in terms of feeling more prepared for the process and getting the information we needed in a positive and non-judgemental way. We liked that nothing was off the table for discussion and that the techniques and information were presented to us so that we could take and use what we needed in our individual birth situations. Nothing was presented as being the ‘wrong’ way to do it which was great . I also loved that we have been able to keep in touch with the others on the course via a Whatsapp group which Bailey set up. 

Although we had envisioned our perfect scenario in class, our little person had other ideas and decided to show no signs of wanting to enter the world by herself. I was getting rather anxious as the days went by and Bailey was amazing during this time – suggesting tracks to listen to and where to find further information which might be useful to me. 

After waiting 12 days ‘overdue’ I went into hospital to begin the induction process (or baby eviction as I’d come to think of it). We were advised to stay in for monitoring of the baby and the class had given my partner the confidence to ask for the reasoning behind this so that we felt we had made an informed decision to stay rather than doing it just because we had been told to. To cut a long story short, nothing much happened the first day. On the evening of the second day I started to feel something and on the third day I was told we were ready for the next stage. Whilst waiting for a room and a staff member to be available we had a lot of time to wait and think. We could even hear other ladies giving birth at some points. Listening to the tracks really helped us to stay focused on our journey and stay calm rather than getting stressed about someone else’s experience. 

On the morning of the fourth day we started on the drip. At this point I was no longer anxious about it as I had been earlier – I just wanted to get on and get it done! Before we had attended the class I had been told by relatives and colleagues about their experiences of birth and induction and how painful it had been for them. I certainly found it intense but by using the breathing we learned in class and had practiced at home and combining this with pain relief when needed I don’t remember it being unbearable at any point. Diamorphine was brilliant for me! My partner was able to remind me to breathe properly and help me focus on the job in hand. To cut a long story short, as we got to late evening and after spending an hour trying to get the little one to budge at all with no success the doctor recommended that the best course of action was to go to theatre to sort it out. As I understand it the little one had got into a position of facing upwards instead of downwards and had also managed to flex her head backwards which had impeded her exit somewhat.  She was finally born by caesarean that night at 15 (very nearly 16!) days ‘overdue’, healthy and weighing a respectable 9lb 10oz. 

I don’t remember much of the next part as a combination of lack of sleep from the previous nights in the hospital, the tail end of the diamorphine and having bled quite a lot after the caesarean (thanks a lot fibroid) I could barely manage to keep my eyes open. My partner was in charge of baby duty much of that night. 

My mother assumed that because the birth didn’t happen ‘naturally’ and spontaneously and at the ‘right time’ that it must have been an awful experience. I can genuinely say that although the little one’s birth didn’t happen the way we had envisioned it would, it was still a very positive experience overall. This was partly due to the wonderful staff at the hospital who made us feel very well cared for and also due to having the techniques and positive attitude learned in Bailey’s class to call upon. 

It’s also lovely to still feel connected to the other mums on the course. Supporting each other through the early days has been lovely 

Thank you Bailey!

Group Feedback


Bailey Was Great!

A great mix of science and experience, relaxed environment.

The course covered lots of thing I wouldn't have thought of and made me feel much better prepared. She even gave us support relevant to our own circumstances. 

Why Hypnobirthing?

Bailey manages to explain in detail what hypnobirthing really is and how it really works without making it sound alternative or kooky.

I loved that she helped me and my wife feel in control of our own experiences.

I didn't believe it would work!!

I was sceptical, but I finally feel confident and excited about the birth of my baby!

Great Group

We loved that the course was in a really cosy home environment with only a few other couples, it felt really personal!

Give it a go!

You'll learn loads of really useful, practical things to help you with your birth and beyond! & at the very least you get free biscuits!!

Who knew so many things were actually NORMAL!!

The fact that the course is run by a Midwife makes you feel at ease & she really helps you realise how to control your feelings around birth & becoming a parent. It helps that she's a mum too!