What's it all About?

Hypnobirthing and Pregnancy course yorkshire


Firstly let us tell you how excited we are about you and your bump!

Being pregnant can be an overwhelming time! You're tired, hungry, hormonal...not to mention swollen, bloated and constantly searching the internet for answers...

So let us stop you right here!!

 Let Bailey help you focus on your journey to meeting your baby.  BambinoBirth's #BIRTHLIKEABOSS method will help you to refocus, take some time to prepare and learn some invaluable pregnancy preparation techniques and help  get excited for YOUR BIRTH!!

Ditch the fear, get rid of the horror stories & try something new with our complete antenatal programme & postnatal prep

Hypnobirthing and pregnancy courses yorkshire

Picture It...

Your not ready? You feel an overwhelming mix of excitement, nervous energy & Anxious confusion over what might happen!!

You just want someone to give you some home truths, some expertise & someone with an ounce of experience to tell you it's ok!!


With over 5 years of experience in the birthing world, several qualifications & a plethora of personal (sometimes comical) stories to share Bailey has developed an AUTHENTIC and HONEST pregnancy & parenting prep course using Hypnobirthing techniques, evidence and experience based teaching will help you & your partner to feel relaxed and prepare you to have a positive experience... however it might happen!

How? With a Pregnancy Prep & Hypnobirthing course designed to get you in control of your birth journey.

hypnobirthing and pregnancy course yorkshire

But what is Hypnobirthing?


BambinoBirth has designed our Pregnany prep & Hypnobirthing  courses around some basic techniques that will help you #birthlikeaboss  & provide you with all the tools and techniques to birth with certainty.

We will prepare you to take control of your birth with confidence. It’s a programme designed to challenge the way we think about birth. Give you honest evidence & show you how it really can be done!

Bailey will help you Own your Zone, create a sense of excitement & use real life examples based on your bodies physical capabilities to help you enjoy your birth journey with a great sense of well-being.

It’s Mindfulness, Relaxation, Visualisation, Positive Thinking, physical tools and by learning to engage your brain first you'll know your body will follow and enable you to take control of your birth.

The course will teach you how to overcome some of the fears & anxieties that have become the norm for many; and by doing so rewrite your thinking as you journey through your pregnancy and most importantly towards parenthood.

Birth can be calm!

Birth can be enjoyable! 

Birth can be the most amazing experience of your life!!